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Your farm to fork solution for sourcing, packaging and merchandising the highest quality ingredients

As your end-to-end partner, we’ll drive product innovation and delight your customers with high quality products they’ll love.

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We process a variety of tree nuts in the form of wholes, halves, pieces, and many other grades/sizes made to cater to your specific application.

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As the largest processor of Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas) and Sunflower Kernels in North America, we produce over 12 million pounds of seeds annually.

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Dried Fruit

Our dried fruit offerings are available in an assortment of specifications such as diced, sliced, bits, and wholes.

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Best-in-class products with even better service. American Nuts is the partner you need to drive growth for your business.

Our list of services is continually expanding to ensure we are a one-stop-shop solution for our customers.

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From small to large batch, we’ve mastered the art of roasting to perfection.

  • Continuous roasting - oil and dry

  • Small batch roasting

  • Dry and Liquid Flavoring

  • Candied Nuts & Seeds

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Our state-of-the-art equipment allows for versatile packaging to deliver products in multiple ways.

  • Vertical/horizontal form fill seal

  • Tamper-proof packaging - Clamshell tubs

  • Preformed stand pouch

  • Bulk - From 10lbs to 2,200lb super sacks

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Product Innovation

From concept to R&D, we’ll serve as your strategic partner with end-to-end support across your entire development process.

  • Custom ingredients tailored for your application

  • Insights and expertise to accelerate the development of innovative products that reach markets quicker

  • Assessment and optimization of product development to maximize cost structures and increase margins

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Our trained merchandising team visits stores as often as 5 times per week to make sure their bulk snack sections are always looking fresh.

  • Food sourcing and warehousing

  • Packaged items

  • Data-driven category management to significantly de-risk your exposure to food spoilage and product loss


In this product catalog, you'll find a carefully cultivated and highly varied selection of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

In addition to an ever-expanding list of goods and services, we also offer expertise to help your company meet its goals.


As your end-to-end partner, we’ll drive product innovation and delight your customers with high quality products they’ll love.

Limited access to inventory and subpar quality lead to lost revenue opportunities and stalled growth. You deserve more than noisy supply chain issues draining your time and resources.

With American Nuts as your sourcing, packaging, and merchandising partner, you'll save time and increase speed to market without sacrificing quality.

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Our facilities can accomodate your business and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you win


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